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Tablet for Video

360 Shooter

Let me to introduce my actors:

Enemy #1 - Some ship

Anemy Ship
Anemy Ship

Match more enimies

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Game Bonuses

Some info about game bonuses

Anemy Ship

Enemy #2 - Another ship

Lorem ipsum sit dolores - some info about ship #2


The Main Hero Rocket

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The Story

Space Shooter 360° brings back all the fun of your favorite arcade games. Launch your spaceship and prepare to battle relentless enemies as they try to take you out! Use aim lines for better accuracy so you can rack up more points. Enemy spacecraft fly in from all directions, ready to destroy you. Use machine gun fire to stop the onslaught and earn extra lives or restore health. Remember the old days of visiting the arcade to pump quarters into the newest game consoles and earn a higher score than your friends? You can relive those good times all over again without spending your pocket change! Space Shooter 360° inspires nostalgia with gameplay that appeals to all ages. Adults and kids will love testing their skills while surviving waves of enemy spaceships invading the galaxy! Learning how to play is easy - it’s becoming a master and surviving each level that’s challenging. Prove that you are an arcade game expert by navigating your ship through battle, destroying everything that stands in your way. Take your attackers out one by one with a satisfying explosion! Simple controls allow you to pivot and fire with the press of a thumb. Work through each stage to earn more points and prove yourself to be the champion of outer space! • Aim lines help guide your attack • Fight back with powerful machine guns • Collect health and survive the onslaught • Earn extra lives to play longer • Hit enemy ships and watch them explode on impact • Beat your highest score and earn achievements • Retro arcade game fun that you can play anywhere

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